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Honey Bee collected Pollen from all plants blooming during the year.  This product is blended from all seasons.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL POLLEN WILL BE SHIPPED IN TWO ZIPPER BAGS - ONE INSIDE THE OTHERTHIS PRODUCT ONLY SHIPS ON MONDAYSFor longer shelf life, store in the refrigerator or freezer. 

Honey Bee Pollen

  • HONEY BEE POLLEN has been know to help with allergies, improve digestion, raise oxygen levels in the blood, lower bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, keep veins and arteries plyable and provide 18-40% protein by volume - more than eggs, meat and cheese.  It has all the vitamins and minerals know to man because it contains the genome of the plant that it comes from.  Can be used in many creative ways.  Try it in cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, in smoothies or shakes, or just off of a spoon.  Try a teaspoon a day, in the morning.  BEWARE:  THOSE WITH ALLERGIES SHOULD USE CAUTION WHEN ADDING ANYTHING NEW TO YOUR DIET.  TRY A FEW GRANUELS AT A TIME.



  • Honey Bee Gathered Pollen

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