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Fleur de Bees put its' roots in the ground not long after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana on August 30, 2005.  Prior to Katrina, I had been apprenticing with a friend, Adrian Juttner in his apiaries.  He is a very unique character, he graduated from Duke University with a major in forestry and minors in microbiology and entomology.  I could go on, but it would continue for many paragraphs.  I just wanted you to know that Adrian is a smart fellow and has taught me many things. Not long after hurricane Katrina, Adrian was forced to move from his home in New Orleans to Abita Springs, Louisiana, due to the failure of New Orleans' infrastructure.  In the spring of 2006 Adrian gave me three splits.

Those splits only yielded one hive that lived into the spring of 2007. But I was hooked on honey bees.  They are the most powerful creatures on the planet for the benefit of life itself.


Honey Bees start off as a MIRACLE of existence.  First of all, according to physics, this creature should NOT be able to fly!  Yet, as we all know,

Honey Bees do, indeed, fly! 

Not only do they fly, they pollinate anything that produces pollen.  They collect, nectar, pollen and propolis.  These tiny insects produce 6 products that are extremely valuable to life.

  Beeswax is the first waterproofing agent. Sailors would not have be able to sail around the world without it because they used it to waterproof the sails and rigging, enabling them to sail in the rain. .

Raw Honey is Amazing!

  It is sweet, it is antiseptic and the Romans used it to pack their wounds. Honey is a viable product that we all know and love.


  Pollen is collected by Honey Bees as food for the colony as they pollinate one kind of flower at a time.  They do this and collect nectar at the same time.


Propolis is also collected by Honey Bees in order to keep the hive free of pathogens.

  Do some internet research and investigate the power of propolis.


  Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the Queen Bee!  She is fed by the newly hatched bees, as they are the only ones that are able to produce Royal Jelly.


  Venom is another very important component produced by this tiny little creature.

  When stung, most creatures produce histamines in the area that promote healing.  I have touched upon the miracles of the unbelievable Honey Bee; they are imperative to life as we know it. 

Fleur de Bees uses all products of the hive, except for venom.  The extraction of venom has not been able to be done without killing  the bee.  So, I only use a few bees to sting those of us that can benefit from the therapy of  her sting.

The 5 products of the hive we do use are incorporated in every product produced by Fleur de Bees.  It is the goal of Fleur de Bees to use all natural products free of alteration, in the most natural form possible in all of creation.  You can be sure that every item available from Fleur de Bees will be made of quality, all natural products.  No synthetics or chemical preservatives ever considered being used in any thing produced by Fleur de Bees.

With this said, the Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera, is the most important creature to keep in a viable state of being, as it is so beneficial to all life.  We must stop the prolific use of chemicals in every aspect of our existence.  We have a responsibility to the evolution of humans to grow into a loving caring society or we shall cease to exist. We have been responsible for the extinction of so many species that roamed our planet  in just the last 100 years. Human demise will be at the hands of ourselves, if we allow it.  Synthetics and chemicals used on our skin is absorbed into the body.  So, feed it something edible.  Do not use chemicals....start with yourself, your skin, your food, your garden.  take the first step to a better you and a better society.

Fleur de Bees' promise to you is that you can count on real quality, real essential oils, real fats, butters, nut and seed oils and real people behind this very small family and friend run company.

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