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Fleur de Bees' Throat Syrup is crafted with Pure Buckwheat Honey and 80% strong Propolis Tincture.  The Propolis Tincture is made with ethyl alcohol that disolves raw propolis and has been extracted of wax at low temperature.  The pure propolis is then dissolved in as little alcohol as possible.  This propolis tincture is whipped into pure buckwheat honey to form a thick marshmallow cream like consistancy.  This allows the product to coat the inside of the mouth, tonsils, soft palet, uvula and throat. This product may also be used as a wound and burn treatment.  It is great used after medical procedures that irritate the throat and mouth.  Just apply a little on the affected area and you may cover with non stick bandage if needed.  No medical claims are made here.

Throat Syrup

  • Buckwheat Honey and an Ethyl Alcohol Based Propolis Tincture - 20% Ethyl Alchol, 80% Propolis.



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