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Buzzing with Activity

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


This summer has seen much energy movement. The hives are strong and have produced more than average. I am blessed by this abundance as we have been blessed by the gift of Honey Bees!

There have been some great changes as well. Life is a journey. All journeys have a beginning and an end. This website and all the photos are credited to Dr. JoE. His passing is surely a huge loss in my world. Not only was he the creator and photographer for my site, he was my best friend. It pains me to know that his passing has caused much grief in the life of his wife. I know she is lost without him and grieves deeply.

His graphic art work is like no other and surely, can not be duplicated. His passion for life, love and the pursuit of a good time had by all and to document this with his keen eye behind the camera was unappreciated by most. However, I believe Joni Mitchell was right: "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone!" Many bands in the Lafayette and New Orleans areas were shot, rendered and edited by this master of documentation in video and stills. His talents did not end there! JoE was a hell of a musician; capable of playing several instruments. Most knew him as a bassist. Close family and friends knew better. He was very modest in his musical talents; capable of playing clarinet, saxophone, keyboards, guitar and bass, that I know of!

This site is forever dedicated to you, Dr. JoE! I'll see you on the flip side. We can hang with Elvis, Freddy, Jim, Janice, Jimi, Chopin, Mozart and all of the other great talents that have been called to play in the glorious band in heaven! Thank you for all you have done and given me through your life. I love and miss you, dearly.

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